I forgot that there were people stalking  following me because I joined the navy. Well I’ve been outta bootcamp for approximately 2 weeks, so shoot me all the questions you got.

I missed my DEP meeting yesterday ..

My recruiter’s called me twice already. I’m scared I’m gonna get yelled at. lol.

My recruiter just called me like, there’s an opening for HM .. but you leave next month. WHAAAAAA? lol I had to turn em down. That’s too soon. 

3:45am. Up thinking about the things I’ll gain joining the navy, and the things I’ll be missing out on. I remember going away for college, and when I would return home for break, I noticed how NOTHING changed. The hood will always be the hood. I know with the navy I’ll be making the right decision. The world really is too big to stay in one place. I know people who are like 30 and never left the bay. That’s ridiculous to me. I don’t want to wake up one day 25 years old, still living with my mom, with no job, no accomplishments. I hope the future me is proud of the decision I’m making now.

Finally home after a long ass day. Got to my recruiter’s office at around 12. Filled out some paper work, and left around an hour later. It was just me and one other boy who left for MEPS. He was going through processing so he wasn’t coming back with us. I get there and one of the chief’s was like, “Do you have another shirt?” I was so confused. But then I realized I had on a white v-neck with a pink bra underneath, lol so I had to wear my blazer the entire time. For future militants, people at MEPS are really strict, so just be respectful. My recruiter told me the test can take anywhere from one to three hours, but I finished in an hour. I scored a 71. I was sort of disappointed and was hoping to score at least a 75. But my recruiter was really surprised by my score and told me I’ll be qualifying for a lot of jobs, which I’m excited about. I go back probably next week for processing, getting a job, & a shipdate. Please pray for me guys, I really want a HM position. 

Taking my ASVAB tomorrow ..

I’ve barely studied for it. *sighhh 

Finally talked to my Pastor earlier today regarding my decision. He was totally supportive and recommended that I take the ASVAB prior to doing MEPS. Which makes a lot of sense because I don’t want to go into MEPS, take my ASVAB, and not get a career choice that I really want. lol I want to become a HM (Hospital Corpsman). I’m looking into different career choices but that’s my number one choice. I tried calling my recruiter today but he didn’t answer, I’ll try again tomorrow. I took a practice test last Monday at the recruiting office. He said I scored pretty average, but of course I want to score much higher so that I get more career options. I’ll be doing a lot of studying until it’s time to take it. I struggled mostly with the English portion. You can probably tell by how I write on here, lol. One grammatical error after another.*Kanye Shrugs* I’m not too worried about the math & arithmetic portion. I pretty much got that down. It’s like my second language. 

For some reason my brother thinks he’s going to the navy with me.

I hope he don’t plan on doing that buddy system. One of my sole purpose’s of doing this ALONE is to discover my potential WITHOUT the people I see everyday. 

It’s pissing me off how my mother keeps asking me, “How much do you make in the military?”

I don’t care about the money,

it’s so much deeper than that.